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It all began with crocheting and a love of animals

Owner Pam Rosado started her business as Country Vale Designs where she sold hand-crocheted shawls.  As a horse rescue volunteer and lover of animals, Pam also sold t-shirts at her stand to fundraise for animal groups and would often foster cats and dogs.  


One day at market, a fellow vendor who knew Pam’s reputation with animals asked if she’d consider rehoming six alpacas on her farm.  Pam was interested, but her husband had already declared "no more animals".  But a few months later, something interesting happened.


Pam’s husband learned about amazing alpaca yarn -
the softest, warmest, highest quality natural fiber

Alpaca fiber is so warm that it helped soften his heart... and Pam convinced her husband that it made sense to bring home a half dozen alpacas!  In March of 2015, the small alpaca herd came to Country Vale.  Pam fell in love with their gentle personalities and high quality fiber, and Country Vale Alpacas was born.  


And now...there are Alpaca Concerts, Yoga with the ‘Pacas, Group Farm Visits, and even Alpaca Visits to senior living centers!

Pam started opening the farm up to visitors on Sundays from spring through fall, and guests fell in love with the alpacas and wanted more ways to interact.  Pam hosts a variety of events on the farm like yoga, concerts, and group tours.  Her two most social alpacas, Sergio and Valentino, accompany her to off-site events at festivals, nursing homes, and birthday parties.


Each year Pam adds new alpaca products to her store and new events.   Ask about booking Sergio and Valentino for your special event!


All the Alpacas on the farm are male.  They are strong herd animals and need other alpacas as companions


There are two breeds of alpacas here at Country Vale: Suri and Huacaya.
Suris comprise only 10% all alpacas and are recognizable by their long silky locks.  Huacaya alpacas are more common and have dense, fluffy fleece.  
Typically raised for their fiber, alpacas are gentle creatures. 
Our alpacas love to eat second cut hay from orchard grass - it's sweeter! - 

and they love to munch on the mulberry leaves on the farm.


Alpacas must be sheared every May to keep them cool in the summer, and their fleece is sent to a mill for processing.  Sergio is our best fiber producer,
 each paca's fleece is kept separate
(which means y
ou can purchase yarn from your favorite alpaca!)


Check out this video of owner Pam explaining the different grades of fiber!


"Black Gold" a.k.a. Alpaca Poop
is an amazing fertilizer!

Did you know that alpacas will designate a 'bathroom' area to use in the field? 
They will even wait in line to use that spot!


Country Vale.png


Pam Rosado has always been a champion for animals, volunteering at a horse rescue, fostering cats and dogs, and fundraising. 
When she first took in the alpacas, Pam committed to
providing the highest level of care for her herd.  She took seminars at an alpaca breeder's farm, and is always researching and
learning in order to provide the best for her boys.

When the original six alpacas came to Country Vale, the plan was to have them for pets and yarn for Pam's hand-crocheted products.  But as her passion for 'pacas grew, the community kept asking for more!

Country Vale Alpacas has grown into education, events, and a fantastic variety of alpaca products. When choosing alpaca products for her shop, Pam strives to support other local and regional small businesses and to source fair trade items from Peru.


Pam loves supporting the community through alpaca events,
and is always looking for new, fun ways for guests
to interact with the alpacas.  If you think the 'pacas can add some fun and interest to your event, be sure to reach out!  
Pam and the 'pacas are often seen at festivals and fairs, and
partner with local businesses to elevate their seasonal events. 

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